Su-An Ng is an animation filmmaker interested in telling stories with moving images. She works with various techniques and is constantly looking to contribute to stories that inspire. She enjoys collaborating with like-minded people and learning new things by staying open and embracing challenges.

An award-winning animation graduate from the Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Su-An has shown her work in film festivals across Canada and internationally. She has been selected for the 2010 DOXA Documentary Festival Connexions Forum and The National Film Board of Canada - Hothouse 9 Apprenticeship where she has both directed and animated short films. She has also been awarded the 2009 Emily Carr University President's Media Arts Award, 2010 Reel Asian Best Animation Award and 2010 Legacy Award by Vancouver Women in Film.

Su-An has maintained a good balance working within the independent and commercial worlds. This has allowed her the opportunity to develop a unique body of work, experiment with a variety of different techniques and gain a solid understanding of the production process. A key characteristic across her range of work is an abstract mixed-media approach, in which she always tries to include a traditional hand-rendered component. This could range from drawing and painting, to collage and stop-motion. The flexibility in this way of working allows for her to combine techniques to achieve the most effective storytelling.

Su-An has experience working with a variety of teams on different screen-based and site-specific projects. This includes content made for the web, social media, and also large-scale projections in commercial spaces.  She continues to hone her technical understanding while working on commercial projects and developing her artistry by creating independent work. She has taken a keen interest in themes inspired by Nature and Science. 

Currently enjoying the sunshine in Sydney, Australia.


I discovered the magic of moving images in a first-year animation class at art school. We sat in a long row of tables as our instructor unwound a reel of 16mm film before us. “Start filling in the frames” he said. A few hours later, as I watched our work projected on screen, a spark ignited within me. 

Something special happens when one marries visual images and sound together – a visceral experience is created. The idea of being able to evoke such feelings by something as simple as moving pencil lines, is in itself so powerful. This is why I have chosen to work in this medium. 

I am interested in creating work that speaks on multiple levels; aesthetically, emotionally and conceptually. The tedious and repetitive action of animation filmmaking allows myself to be in a state of reflection, making every action deliberate. However, the experimental style I like to play with also allows for happy accidents, so I am constantly discovering new ways to communicate.

I use filmmaking as a process to explore relationships, document experiences, question and create understanding. Storytelling brings people together… and when the right people come together, creative energy is formed. Somewhere along this journey, I hope that through my work, I’m able to ignite that same spark in someone else and together, as a creative community, we continue to challenge the possibilities of this medium.

Wynscreen, Wynyard Walk, Sydney

Wynscreen, Wynyard Walk, Sydney




2017 Australian Music Week Film Festival
2015 Rooftop Films Festival, New York
2014 Vancouver Asian Film Festival
2014 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
2014 Ottawa International Animation Festival
2014 CAAMFest, San Francisco
2012 Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
2012 Randwick Urban Short Festival, Sydney
27th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
29th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival
2010 Vancouver Asian Film Festival
2010 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
2010 WIFTV Vancouver Women in Film Festival
2010 New Forms Festival, Vancouver, Canada
2010 SURGE Urban Digital Culture Festival, Vancouver, Canada
2010 Victoria Film Festival, Canada
2010 ION International Film Festival, Nigeria
2010 Anchorage International Film Festival
36th Northwest Film & Video Festival, USA
2010 Planet in Focus International Environmental Film Festival
2009 Vancouver Short Film Festival
2009 Vancouver Singapore Film Festival


2015 VIZBIPlus Challenge Winner, Sydney
2015 Sustainability Award - Randwick Urban Shorts, Sydney
2010 Best Animation - Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
2010 Legacy Award - Vancouver Women in Film Festival
2009 Best of 36th Northwest Film & Video Festival Tour, Portland
2009 President's Media Arts Award - Emily Carr University of Art & Design


2018 Situate Arts Lab (Tasmania)
2013 National Film Board of Canada, Hothouse (Montreal)
2010 DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Connexions (Vancouver)

Pecha Kucha Sydney #24,  Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation

Pecha Kucha Sydney #24,  Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation

(L-R) Paul Wong, Jeff Chiba Stearns, Su-An Ng, Randall Okita Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

(L-R) Paul Wong, Jeff Chiba Stearns, Su-An Ng, Randall Okita
Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

   (L-R) Su-An Ng, Lisa Wu Omni Channel Vancouver


(L-R) Su-An Ng, Lisa Wu
Omni Channel Vancouver


Wynscreen: video art for those in transit - RealTime Arts Magazine
Lauren Carroll Harris, interview, doeanddoe (Beatrice Chew, Su-An Ng)


"Concept is always key to Su-An’s films which usually have a message or story at their core. Often, these are regarding nature. I see Su-An’s attitude as akin to that of the German Romantics – looking out into the vastness of the landscape and channeling an insight into a creative representation.  " 
Feature Artist - The Monday Issue

RealTime 121: cover story - RealTime Arts Magazine
Keith Gallasch & Virginia Baxter

"Combining multiple techniques, this filmmakerʼs first film has a strong and original approach both technically and conceptually, tackling a complex issue with the lightness of freshly fallen snow."
Jury - Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

"While most of the shorts are a mixed bag, the animated shorts largely maximize the wavelength of a few minutes of tape—notably Su-An Ng's visually stunning Nature on its Course"
The Northwest Film Festival Goes A-Scoutin' - The Portland Mercury

"A preview collection of short films included such diverse gems as “Nature on its Course,” an inventive, pencil-drawn short by Su-An Ng"
Homegrown: the 36th Northwest Film Festival - The Oregonian

"The complexity of Ng’s animation and story-telling only revealed itself subtly. Behind a forest of cubist trees, an intricately modelled moose rears its head as a scribble of ink. And as the hands of a hunter are seen pulling the trigger on his rifle, so too does he trigger a rumbling avalanche of crumpled paper. In that way, watching *Nature on Its Course* is as much a visual experience as it is a tactile one, which is why Ng received the accolades she deserves. The jury also commented on the film’s originality, effective blend of techniques, sophistication and how it revealed its message subtly."
Review of Emily Carr Gradshow - Canadian Animation Resources