Directed and edited by Su-An Ng
Music written and produced by Claudine Michael
Produced by doeanddoe

"Sydney-based musician CLYPSO is one of the most electrifying names in the Australian electronic market right now. Her sound, particularly evident on YOLO, is like a modernised take on tribal electronica, with a bouncy, whistling production which livelily prances around underneath's CLYPSO's vocal work, which has a certain aural flavour reminiscent of names like M.I.A. or on a national level, someone like Sampa The Great." - Pilerats: Premiere: CLYPSO gets colourful in the lively video for YOLO

"The song’s electrifying, the video’s electrifying, and the spark CLYPSO has ignited in 2017 is sure to catch fire." - Purple Sneakers: CLYPSO AND HER ‘YOLO’ VISUALS EXPLODE WITH COLOUR


Promo for CLYPSO's new track, BIGsmall