"I have worked with Su-An on numerous video projects and always enjoyed her friendly and professional approach to the task at hand. 

I was always impressed by her ability to look at the big picture of the project whilst simultaneously maintaining a remarkable attention to detail. 

Su-An is a good and calm leader under pressure, an astute and capable director and a perceptive editor. She effortlessly switches between these roles guiding and shaping projects ensuring they exceed the client's expectations. 

She is a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitations in recommending Su-An as a member to any team."

Denis Beaubois
Cinematographer and Editor

"Su-An was a delight to work with! She's super super talented but still so down to earth and willing to adapt to any challenge that is thrown her way.
I hired Su-An on a live graphic studio / social media project where there were very tight deadlines and high volumes of work to get through every day. Su-An never missed a beat - turning around motion graphics and design work to the highest standard every day. Thanks for all your work Su-An - you rock :)"

Penelope Hogan
Content Producer at The Story Lab, Dentsu Aegis Network

"Su-An is a hardworking and self-motivated team-player and I've been constantly impressed with her conscientious approach to her projects.
Her ideas are refreshing and handles feedback positively. Her dedication to her craft is commendable. It was a real pleasure working with Su-An and I miss her cheery disposition."

Elena Ho
Art Director at Blackmagic Design, Post-Production

"Su-An is the phenomenal genius behind the very pretty iOS app for The Cove that we developed for the movie producers. She joyfully (to my absolute surprise) hand-painted more than 100 frames from a video footage of dolphins swimming underwater for the app's animated splash screen - something I have yet to see in the thousands of apps published in the
App Store. 

She is very dedicated, and her calm and measured manner is amazing to work with. She bounces ideas with you but is not married to her own, which tells a lot about her collaborative nature - a super plus point in the creative industry. I'd recommend Su-An anytime."

Zuzanita Zakaria
Director at Blackcube Media

"An animator with a strong graphic design aesthetic and a creative use of animation techniques. She would be an asset to any project that requires an artist with highly developed personal responsibility, initiative, and responsible problem-solving."

Marilyn Cherenko
Associate Professor at Emily Carr University of Art and Design

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Su-An on numerous content creation projects in the past 2 years. I work as Director of Sound at doeanddoe of which she is Co-founder and Creative Lead.

As a leader, she shows tremendous leadership skills, mentoring ability and strong project management capabilities. She also shows great commitment in meeting tight deadlines and deliverables. All these qualities coupled with an immense talent in editing, animation and post-production, makes our projects succeed for our clients.

As a performing artist and musician, I have also worked with Su-An as a client. She displays excellent initiative and attention to detail. She shows she can be trusted on to work independently and as well as in a team. 

Her drive for excellence in the final product, meticulous process and planning is to be highly admired and she would be asset to any organisation."

Claudine Michael
Director of Sound at doeanddoe Creative Studio

"Su-An is a breath of fresh air! Some people might shy away from collaborating via long distance, but with Su-An involved, you need not worry! Although I have never even met her in "real" life, we were able to work very closely throughout the creative process and had no problems managing feedback and final output hand offs despite the ocean that separated us! Su-An is an excellent communicator, very accountable, and produces fantastic creative pieces that go above and beyond your highest expectations. From our very first concept meetings all the way to the final pieces that she provided us with, we loved the journey of working with her."

Brittany Baxter
Co-Director of The Sticking Place Film

"Su-An was initially hired to work on our festival trailer, but her job scope expanded to spearhead the design department when I found that her talents lie in more areas than one. She is a hardworking, creative and talented multitasker who sees a project to fruition when given a responsiblity. Not only is she focused and detail-oriented, she is an excellent team player capable of producing superlative results under tight pressure and meeting urgent deadlines. The quality of the work produced is a direct reflection of her capability in meeting the high standards demanded of her. It is exemplary of her dedicated professionalism and creativity, combined with a willing attitude to learn. In view of her interests and career, I highly commend her as a perfect team player and a valuable asset to the film and motion graphics industry."

Louisa Cheong
Festival Director at Vancouver Singapore Film Festival

"Su-An is an extremely talented animator. She worked on my video project where she was asked to recreate rooms / spaces which we were not able to shoot in live action. She basically made the rooms more beautiful than they actually were. Su-An is an independent worker, needing very little guidance once the concept has been laid out to her. She is also very responsible and reliable... working through technical problems to make sure the files are delivered on time."

Angelina Cantada
Director at Curly Tail Pictures

"A brave experimental filmmaker with a unique creative vision, and the confidence to follow through on it."

Jay White
Associate Professor at Emily Carr University of Art and Design

"I am involved in a committee that leads researcher initiatives to promote work done at the University of British Columbia to the community. As part of a recent project, we required the use of an animation to use in conjunction with our presentations to the public, as well as to important funding organizations. 

Even from the initial stages of the project, we were confident that we had made the right decision in choosing Doe and Doe to create our animation.
Su-An, along with everyone in the Doe and Doe team, were extremely professional and efficient in all their correspondence, despite the significant time difference that separated us. She was very receptive of our ideas and offered a lot of great advice in conceptualizing the piece. 

We received the first few drafts of the piece very quickly and were extremely impressed. She managed to capture the essence of our institute from the smallest detail, to the flow of the whole piece. Su-An was very meticulous about making the many changes and additions to the piece that we required, and always delivered in a timely manner. 

When we received the final version of the animation, we were all blown away by the amount of time and painstaking effort that Doe and Doe had put in to making the piece absolutely perfect. The quality of the animation and sound design was fantastic and is truly a testament to Su-An's experience and skill in her craft. We were particularly impressed by the segment that depicted 3D animation of blood cells in a vein, which was even medically accurate! 

We wholeheartedly recommend Doe and Doe for understanding the needs of a large professional institution, such as UBC, and for being able to deliver with a level of excellence that significantly outweighed our expectations."

Tara Fernandez
Postdoctoral Fellow at University of British Columbia

"Su-An was a pleasure to work with at DOXA. She was full of innovative ideas during story development meetings, and brought the same creative innovation to her personal work. I was extremely impressed by Su-An's unique creative ability as an animator. I hope we have the chance to work together again!"

Josephine Anderson
Documentary Filmmaker at Rewild Films

"MONTECRISTO magazine hired Su-An for an illustration in our Autumn 2009 issue. Su-An was able to conceptualize a very challenging essay topic in a fun, creative and intelligent manner. Su-An worked well independently, but also took our suggestions and feedback to create the perfect end-result for our magazine. We have since received comments from readers expressing their enjoyment of Su-An's illustration. Well done."

Craig David Long
Editor at MONTECRISTO Magazine